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ME and MY Journey:

My Ordinary story:

I am a Believer and an Explorer. One might wonder how an IT engineer and an HR professional got into Astrology and Tarot. Well, frankly I will thank destiny. I started becoming more intuitive and wanted to understand it. Tarot came to my rescue. I learnt how to manage the different energies around and channelize my own. Once I grasped the concept of energies, I started to connect with other's energies. I became a medium. I read the answers cards showed me, with only a single intention of helping people.

What is Jyotish?

Many centuries ago, Yogis and Rishis (Early philosophers, scientists and astronomers) in India found out that everything in this world is connected. The only clock that we have, which can be read with complete surety is the movement of grahas (planets, satellites and other astronomical bodies). With that understood, they figured out various algorithms and structures to explain how every aspect of the world and in an individual's lives can be read and understood if we understand the movement of these grahas. Relating to multiple lifetimes, life, health, wealth, human behaviour and form - everything could be understood with absolute certainty with these algorithms. 


This study of understanding past karma and inferring from the algorithms is known as Jyotish. 


What is Tarot

Almost everyone asks me the basis of Tarot. Frankly, no one knows. I would love to meet anyone claiming otherwise. Though it is based on Vedic astrology, but unlike astrology, Tarot just reveals answers. I feel Intuition is a very loosely used term, hence I refer to it as energy. Reader's and Seeker's energies are the main communicators here.

Tarot to me, is a mirror of your life and emotions. It shows what you are going through as well as how you can fix it. More importantly, it guides you based on your Karmic duty. I strongly believe in Karma, and I also believe one doesn’t have to wait ages for it to manifest itself. Tarot is a tool for cleansing your Karma. 

Karma is of various types, but let's just stick to the 3 basic ones. Sanchit Karma, are the ones that are a cumulation of all the past lives' karmas. Prarabhda Karma, are the ones selected out of Sanchit Karmas, to be dealt with, in this lifetime. Agami Karma, are the ones you are about to create and add to your Sanchit Karmas, in this lifetime.

Tarot helps you finish your Prarabhda karma, lower your Agami Karma balance, and follow your energies.

There are basically 2 types of decks that readers use - Tarot and Oracle. My primary deck is the first cosmically charged deck, floated for commercial purposes, the "Rider Waite" Tarot cards. There are many more decks which have been based on this deck and further improvised, or some where the images have been played around with. Oracle cards are based on energies and intuition. These cards do not have a structure and depend purely on the connection of the reader and seeker. Oracle decks have infinite number of versions like Angel, Shiva etc.

Some love during this journey

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